Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fall Wardrobe Capsule

It's the first day of school! Not that this affects me personally but the new school year always excites me. I absolutely adored school and back to  school means PUMPKIN SPICE. Yes I'm one of them. But it also means fall, leaves, cooler weather, and that fall smell. Living in Pennsylvania means we're lucky enough to get all four seasons. And fall is my favorite. Jeans with t-shirts or shorts with long sleeves or hoodies. So excited! And a special shout out to all you mamas getting your kids to school today!

So I did the Minimalist Challenge back in February. How did I do? Great, actually. You would be surprised how much you have once you start cleaning out. Stuff you set down and forgot about finally gets a home or out the door they go. The only hard part is that as the days progress, there's less and less stuff to get rid of. So I decided to clean my closets first and have a ton of stuff for the bigger days.

Now I am not a "hoarder" but I like my clothes and shoes. Like, a lot. While perusing Pinterest one day, I came across something called a wardrobe capsule. So I took a look and at first I was like no way. I am not getting rid of any of my clothes. It's just not going to happen. Well....it happened. I got rid of 8 bags of clothes and shoes. And I'm going to show you how I did it.


I used a free printable I found on Pinterest. It has blocks for the different pieces you need for each seasonal wardrobe. The cool part about this worksheet is that it's blank so you can fill it in with pieces you already have. Then you purchase items that you don't have.This last part is a tad hard if you live in a small town like me. So either try to limit bought pieces or make sure you're able to get to a good mall.


You pick a color scheme so that each piece you have works with each other. I wear a lot of basic colors so I went with a French wardrobe capsule with a "pop" of color. So my color scheme for fall is brown, white, and blue with olive green and coral as my pop. This goes for all the accessories and outerwear as well.


I went through my closets and pulled out the items of clothes that I had put down on my wardrobe worksheet. You obviously aren't getting rid of these pieces. I filled out four sheets so that I would know witch pieces to keep for other seasons also. One these are all put in a keep pile, you start holding up piece by piece. Look at it, does it fill you with joy? Yes? It goes in the keep pile. Some other reasons to keep it are sentimentality, I have a sweater that really doesn't fit anywhere but it was my grandfather's so I kept it. I also kept all my 5k shirts and hoodies for those "tough mommy days".

I kept all four seasons and my non capsule clothes in my closet but some people actually pack up whatever three seasons they aren't wearing. My Fall capsule looks like this hung up. I keep my tank tops and jeans in dresser drawers but everything else gets hung up.

Easy peasy. Hardcore wardrobe capsules have like 10 things for all four seasons. I am not that good. I really like my clothes. But I was able to get rid of so many clothes that I actually have room in my closet. Now with September approaching in the next few days, my family is preparing for another minimalist challenge. We have such a small house that we try to clean it out at least twice a year. That includes the attic, garage, and basement. 

Have you done the minimalist challenge? How did it go for you? I'd love to know!

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