Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome Back (Again and Again and Again)

Hello Everyone!

So I am giving myself the award for #1 Blogger with Hiatuses. Because you know, this might be my like fourth welcome back post in two years. But then, welcome to my life. It gets crazy and other things become top priority, Maybe we should call this post a recap? About everything that's happened in the last five months. And let me tell you, it's A LOT!

First things first: Look how big Luke has gotten!

We're officially past the year and a half mark and coming up on two years. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! Of course every mommy says that but seriously! Babies should not grow that fast.

Now on to the recap.


At the end of March, T's sister and her baby boy moved in with us while she was going through a transition. Now my "sister-in-law" is an extremely hard worker. Which in today's society is not something that you see with the younger generation. So with working as much as she was and even with her baby going to daycare, I was still on babysitting duty often. Kudos to you moms with Irish Twins and multiple babies. It was HARD. Thankfully R is the most well behaved baby I've ever met but my little guy was not happy that mommy was holding someone else.

We also have a very small, 2-bedroom house. Which means the couch was about the only bed we had. But T and I would do anything for our family and Tiff was a good sport about it. Come the middle of May, she found an apartment and they're doing great.

The beginning of May also so this mommy hitting her 28th year. And what did I want to do for my birthday? Take my little boy to his favorite place, the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Of course Mother's Day was the day after my birthday so it was a very crowded place. And they had just opened a new section with a sand pit, leopards. monkeys, and turtles. Luke's not a big sand fan but once daddy got him use to it, he didn't want to leave. He also threw a fit when we were moving away from the Cheetahs. "Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" Think he likes kitties?

TJ's mom and her fiance got married in May also. I got to try out my wedding planning skills. I went wonderful and we are so happy to welcome Papa Jerry into the family. 


Now we come to summer! And what have we done? Been at the city pool, a lot. I'm not a huge fan of swimming. I don't like how the water dries my skin out. But I have a fish for a son so up to the pool we go every chance we get.

My brother came home from the Navy for a few days in July. He only comes home once-twice a year but Luke loves it. Especially when David will play cars. Uncle David got Luke his stuffed Kitty and Panda so he can do no wrong in Luke's eyes. 

So now with just a few days left in August, we are waiting for all our school year activities to start. 

BUT.......Big news folks.


So on September 22, 2018, I will be saying I Do to my bestfriend. Be on the lookout for future wedding planning post :) 

So how has your spring/summer been? I'd love to hear from you!

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