Thursday, February 4, 2016

Goals to Accomplish

My word for this year is determination. Well I'm going to add a word to it. Ambition. I think they go well together since you need both to accomplish much of anything. I have a ton of goals, I always have. Some are long term, like ultimately teaching at an university, and some are short term. But with long term or short term goals you need the ambition to start them and the determination to finish them. So I wanted to let all my readers in on some of my current goals.

The first goal that I have already started is the Minimalist Challenge. I mentioned in a previous post about how on the first day of the month I would get rid of 1 thing, 2 things on the second day and so on. Well Tim really took off on this and we are separately cleaning out the house. So far so good on that goal. I've even cleaned out enough stuff for days 25-28. Just by cleaning out my closet. 

Another goal that I actually started a few years ago is leading Sunbeams. Sunbeams is the The Salvation Army's version of girl scouts. They earn badges and basically have lots of fun. I was the leader a few years ago and then there were some internal changes but I was recently asked to be the leader again. And I am so excited. So now I need to plan some awesome badges!

This goal is more of a long term because it is going to take a few years. I am extremely passionate about breastfeeding. I believe that it is the best start for every baby. Now before I get crucified, feed your baby however you feel you should. As long as that baby is healthy, you are doing it right. But I don't feel that mothers have the support and knowledge to have a successful start in nursing. And that's what I want to do. I want to be the person that a mother who is struggling can come to. I want to be able to help that mother accomplish her breastfeeding goals.

To become a certified lactation consultant is a lot of work. It requires multiple college courses that I don't have as a history major, breastfeeding courses, and general education courses. (All of which cost $$ to take.)I am currently holding a Bachelors in History/Art History and certificate in wedding planning. But I'm also looking into obtaining a bachelors in Early Childhood Education. The courses would be the college courses to become a lactation consultant and I would be getting another degree. Best part is that it's all online so I would still be able to stay home with Luke. More on this when I actually start.

Luke and I were going to a MOPS group about 45  minutes away from where we live. I loved it but Luke hated it. He cried and cried and cried. So with that and the time it took to get there, we stopped going. But I miss the time spent with other moms. Since my county does not have a MOPS group, I am trying to start one here. Luke's godmother would be running the Moppets program so hopefully he would stay with her. The MOPS headquarters team are wonderful and answer all questions so hopefully this will be up and running by next year. 

And finally, I'm giving myself a new challenge. To read 2 new books a month. I used to read ALL the time. And I mean 5 books a month. Then I became a mother. Now I"m lucky if it's 1 every other month. But Dan Brown's book Inferno is being made into a movie and I have yet to read the book. Excited and dreading this. I will be reviewing each book as I read it. 

I would love to hear some of your goals! Maybe we can help keep each other accountable. 

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