Monday, February 8, 2016

Top 9 Free Printables

The Broncos won! Not that I was actually cheering for anyone. My Steelers didn't make it so I had to pick someone. And Peyton Manning has the best commercials.

Any favorites from last night?

I usually watch for the new movie trailers. LIKE A NEW INDEPENDENCE DAY!! I have a special place in my heart for disaster movies and Independence Day is one of them. And London Has Fallen?!?! Um, cannot wait for that. Movie geek, right here <<<<<

So congratulations to all you Broncos fans! And sorry to you Panthers fans. (Tim was betting on them) But to start off your Monday after the Superbowl, I'm giving away free things! Really I'm giving you a list of my favorite free printables. I'm separating them into some categories but they will have the links back to the original creators. (I have not created any of my own, due to the fact that I have not gotten that savy yet)


The Ultimate Blog Planning Notebook-  This site is pretty much a one stop shop for an entire blogging notebook. It has everything from a monthly planning page to a to do list to a link in party calendar. You can print off any or all of the pages for your own planner binder.

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist- This printable is a checklist on what you should include in your blog post to bring in more readers. Being a beginner blogger, I'm willing to try anything. Especially since I get very few readers at this point. 


Wardrobe Capsule Planning-  I will be writing a blog post, hopefully tomorrow, about my new spring wardrobe capsule. Make sure to check it out! But this free printable is what I use to see which piece I have and which I need to purchase. If you're into capsules, definitely use this. If you don't know what a wardrobe capsule is then make sure to check out my post on it. 

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist- This checklist is nice because it lays out exactly what you can use in a wardrobe capsule. This is especially helpful if you've never done one before. 


Free Weekly Menu- To attain this printable, you have to sign up for the email. But it is totally worth it. It's a wonderful tool for when you still have grocery items in your fridge and pantry. I don't always use it exactly how she does on her post, but it it still great. My favorite part is that it has a section for breakfast and lunch. Most menus have plain blank boxes. Definitely check this out.

Free Grocery List and Meal Planner- I like this grocery list because it breaks everything down into categories. Like dairy, fruits and vegetables, canned, paper, etc. It really helps if you shop at a super store like Wal-Mart or Target. There's so much stuff that t


My 3 Monsters Blog- I don't use the chore list on this blog but I do love the blank one she gives. I combine it with the printable below and they make up my cleaning schedule for the week. I include any "extra" cleaning the house needs on this sheet. 

Cleaning Schedule- This is my favorite cleaning schedule. It fits in perfectly with my busy schedule as a mom and the fact that my house is fairly small. I only have two bedrooms so both those can be done in one day and with one small bathroom, that takes all of an hour. 


Free Valentines Printables- This bulk of printables is the perfect craft bulk for Valentines Day! It comes with Valentines Day cards, straw toppers, gift tags, love notes, and Valentines coupons.  

I love getting free things. And printables are one of my favorites. Especially since I can keep all of them in my pretty blogging binder. 

I have all these pinned in a Pinterest Board also. Go check it out!

What's your favorite printable?

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