Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 All Time Favorite Books

I love books.

When I say I love books, I mean I once read Wuthering Heights in a single day. (worst mistake ever) That book will not be on this list.

I actually come from a family of readers so growing up there were books all over the house. When I got grounded, I was made to sit downstairs since I would just read up in my room. I have read so many books that I can’t count. I also own way too many but with book stores going out of business and converting to e-readers, I snag them while I can.

I’m hoping this post will help some of you find a new read and if you’ve already read them then I guess we’re kindred spirits.

Some of my favorites are part of a series and I just can’t pick one so the series will be my favorite.
So here goes….

1.   Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: I freaking love this book. It is probably my #1 book. I know I know, “all she writes about is finding a husband”. Yeah well finding a husband WAS the ultimate goal in the 1800s. But Lizzy Bennet is super kick-ass.

2.   Angels and Demons by Dan Brown: No this did not come after The Da Vinci Code. No this is not blasphemy. It has murder, intrigue, and Bernini. It doesn’t get much better. And if you can’t separate fiction and non-fiction then you have no business reading this. (But seriously, awesome book)

3.   The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough: If you’re seeing a trend, then yes, I like romance and controversy. I’m not positive but I’m sure the Catholic Church is not a fan of this book. BUT IT’S SO GOOD! It’s saddening in multiple aspects which I usually don’t care for but it’s just so real and truthful that it’s an instant classic.

4.   The Cavendish Chronicles by Tori Phillips: These are Harlequin Historical Romances so if you’re looking for some sex scenes then these are it. Anyway….these follow the Cavendish family who live in the North Cumbria area in England during the reign of the Tudors. J It starts with Thomas Cavendish in Three Dog Knight all the way to his granddaughter in Dark Knight. My specialty is Tudor England so I can safely say that the majority of the facts are indeed correct. Definitely check these out.

5.   Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James: THIS WAS JUST MADE INTO A MINI SERIES! Yes, I am excited. Yes, it was actually really good. It’s hit and miss accurate with the book but either way, the movie was good and the book was good.

6.   Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell: This is another one of those classics that was also made into a movie. While the movie was good, the book is SO MUCH BETTER. The movie leaves out multiple events and relationships. Do yourself a favor and read the book.

7.   Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: I’m not huge into mysteries since I’m an absolute baby but this one is by far the best in my opinion. I read an excerpt when I was in sixth grade and I have been obsessed ever since. A dead wife, a new wife, a mansion in creepy old England, and a weird husband. Yes, yes, and yes.

8.   Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange: I love Mr. Darcy and the problem with Austen’s books is that you only get the herione’s side of the story. Well Grange tells the story from the hero’s side, and it’s amazing. She also writes, Captain Wentworth’s Diary, Mr. Knightly’s Diary, and Mr. Darcy, Vampyre.

9.   The Hathaway Series by Lisa Kleypas: These are sort of like the Cavendish Chronicles. They are a series of historical romances that take place in England. Except they are set in Victorian England. And these ones go through the siblings in the Hathaway family.

10.   A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson: This is a young adult romance but I don’t care. It’s well written and just adorably sweet. A young girl survives the Bolshevik rebellion and ends up as a maid in England. So so good.

Of course these aren’t ALL the best books but they are my top 10. What are yours? I’d love some new reads. 

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