Monday, January 25, 2016

My Crazy Fun Life and That Bzz Thing

Happy Monday, everyone! Well the end of Monday I guess. When I wrote this up it was much earlier in the day. Can you guess how it's going so far?

I hope your weekends were amazing. We had an added two dogs on Saturday night and Luke was in seventh heaven. My college roommate brought her giant schnauzer and regular schnauzer when she came to stay. Evey and Veda, the giant schnauzer, did not get along. Every time Veda got anywhere near Luke, Evey flipped out. But Royce was great. He's basically a peoples. He let Luke hug him and pet him (and Luke is not gentle). It was quite an adventure. 

Then last night, Luke and I stayed out at my grandmother's house with my mom, sister, and Evey. Let me just say, my family can't seem to have a relaxing, calm night. First there was a mouse running all through the house. Across the living room, in the kitchen, and he holed up in one of the bedrooms. Nothing we did seemed to catch him. He even stole the pop-tarts off the traps without getting caught. We eventually did trap him in the middle of the night. 

Next, Luke decided he was going to dump Evey's water dish all over his clean pajamas. Now this might not seem like a big deal but this absent minded mama forgot to pack any extra clothes. So he ended up looking like a goober. He had to wear a size too small onesie that was in the diaper bag and a pair of my socks until his jammies dried. Needless to say, it is never a dull day with my family. 

So I became a member if a site called BzzAgent a few weeks back. It's a site that you answer surveys on and they send you these bzzkits of coupons or products to try and review. It's completely free and takes very little time at all. Seriously, check it out. 

I received my first BzzKit in the mail today. All it was, was an envelope and I was kind of disappointed at first. Then I opened it and realized that it was a welcome kit JUST FOR JOINING. Wasn't a campaign of anything. Just a thank you for signing up on the site. 

I can't wait for my next BzzKit! And I hope you can't wait for your next blog post! I'm still open to the idea of an ATC giveaway so if anyone is interested, leave my a comment so I know!  

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