Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Top 5 Busy Toddler Activities

It's Wednesday! Half way to the weekend. Although I stay home, weekends are when Tim takes over morning duties and I get to sleep in! So I look forward to the weekend just like you working moms.

And speaking about working moms, kudos to you guys! I've been tossing back and forth the idea of going back to work. One minute I'm like, "No way would I ever want to leave my little boy to go sit in an office or whatever I could find." Then we have days like yesterday and I feel like I need a job a week ago just to gain my sanity back.

So to combat the cranky child I had yesterday, I came up with my top 5 favorite toddler activities.

1. Zoo Animal Peek-a-Boo Board: The instructions for this can be found on my Pinterest Board. This is a fun activity for an kid that loves animals. It's super simple to make too. You can use a piece of cardboard or for longer use, a smaller sheet of plywood. Luke loves any kind of kitty so I have a lion as well as a leopard along with the other zoo animals. He likes to lift the flaps up and down.

2. Toddler Tumble Time: Our local YMCA just recently started a toddler tumble gym but I think some dance studios or smaller gyms might have them too. We went to out first one today and Luke absolutely loved it. Climbing up and down the mats and chasing after balls were just his thing. He even left my side which is amazing. Definitely check out your local gyms to see if there is a toddler class near you.

3. The Bike Trail/Park: I know these are nice weather only activities but how can they not be on this list? The park can be hours of fun for a busy toddler and the bike trail keeps the child entertained and allows mom to exercise. We are actually getting Luke this Step2 Whisper Ride for Easter. He's a little too young yet for a bike but loves his toy cars so this is perfect. I found the one we're getting on Amazon so I supplied you with the link. (If you use my link provided to buy anything from Amazon, I am provided with compensation. Just a heads up.)

4. Ziplock Bag Painting: I'm going to say it, I hate paint. Not even kidding. I just recently brought paint into my house to make Luke letters for above his bed. Otherwise there is no paint in this house. But I found this awesome activity where Luke can paint with NO MESS. No mess, that is music to my ears. All you do is put a piece of paper in a ziplock bag with a few drops of paint and zip it up. Make sure to tape in down securely though. Otherwise there will be a mess. You can also put the paint straight into the bag without paper. Then tape it to a window and let them paint away. You can find a link to this activity in my Pinterest board. 

5. Swimming: This is no just a summer activity! Joining your local YMCA is perfect for swimming with the kiddos. And if you have a family membership, swimming lessons are free! Luke adores swimming. I've been taking him since he was 3 months old. Although at this point he's trying to push away from me so it looks like it's time for swim lessons. 
In the summer time though, the city pool is a perfect place to entertain the kids for a day. Just make sure to always watch them. The lifeguards can only do so much. 

Those are my top 5 picks to entertain that busy toddler you have! This is the link for my Toddler Fun Pinterest Board. 

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