Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Penguins Doing Yoga?! Nope, Yoga Lists

Happy Hump Day!

Honestly, I hate that phrase. It just seems gaudy to me. But I have a crazy busy week so for this week, happy hump day is okay with me. I scheduled myself for something everyday this week without even realizing it. Not that I mind, I enjoy helping others. Especially since one of those things include watching my bestfriend's little boy. 

Babysitting could mean multiple things though. I could potentially get A TON of stuff done since I'll have a playmate for Luke. Or I'll get absolutely nothing done because I'll have to constantly supervise. I'm hoping for the former. Little L got more than enough birthday and Christmas presents to keep them both entertained. 

And i just learned that it's penguin awareness day! Breaks my heart that there is one because they are facing extinction! NOOOOOO, not my beloved penguins. Penguins, especially Emperor penguins, have been my favorite animal since 2nd grade. We learned about all the different kinds and where they lived. I decided then that I was going to own a pet penguin. That dream has yet to be realized. 

Due to over-fishing, climate change, and destruction of their habitat, the penguin population is declining. This is mainly in Antarctica but that doesn't mean we should be aware of all penguins' habitats. Those who know me, know I'm not a green peacer by any means. But I do believe that we should not be destroying or helping along the process of extinction. 

Now that you also know that it's Penguin Awareness Day, go tell a friend and spread it around!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 

As many of you know, I LOVE yoga. It is my favorite workout. It doesn't burn a whole lot of calories but it's great for working on your flexibility and focus. I mentions about the Simply Yoga app in a previous post but I wanted to show you my top favorite Pinterest Yoga Posts. All pictures will have a caption to link back to their respective sites. I own non of these. I am just showing some of my favorites. 

Yoga for a Flat Tummy: This yoga set comes with a video! Which is always nice if you are a beginner at this. Even though I've been doing yoga for awhile, my flexibility is awful. My form isn't up to par either so it's nice when there's a voice telling you what to do. Definitely check this site out. It's from the Skinny Moms website. Check their other stuff while you're there. 

Yoga Sequence for Slimmer Thighs: This one is from PopSugar Fitness. I prefer to study these poses and then do them. The pictures are on a gallery on the website so you have to click through them. These are a little tougher if you're not use to strengthening your legs. Preform it a few times through and you'll definitely be feeling it. 

Ten Yoga Poses for Stress and Anxiety: These poses are from an actual yoga website. The nice thing about these is that they tell you the benefits from each pose and then how to do them. Not quite as good as a video but still not bad. Do this sequence when you can be alone and calm. For those of us with kids, I know that's hard but it's worth it. 

I hope some of these sequences inspire you to start your own yoga regime! 

Those of you that do yoga, what are some of your favorite sequences?

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